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Weslaco Work Day
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On Monday, July 16th we're heading over to Weslaco to help many of the families that were affected by the flooding a few weeks ago here in The Valley. 

Several non-profits and church organizations have been on the ground helping move furniture out of houses, rip insulation out of walls to prevent walls from building mold, and helping to distribute everyday house hold items such as water, pillows and blankets, and cleaning supplies.

And while resources have been pouring in and have been generous, organizations are lacking volunteers to help clear houses and distribute supplies. Storehouse Community Church is about the proclamation and practice of the gospel not only to McAllen, but to our Valley. And sometimes practicing the gospel means getting dirty; hope you can join us next week! 

While Monday won't be the only day available for us to serve, it is a wonderful opportunity to come together as a church family. The work and help needed in Weslaco will be a great need for the next several months; stay posted for details on further dates. 

To attend, please visit the following link in order to sign up: Volunteer Sign Up

If you have any questions concerning the kind of needs Weslaco families have, please call Efrain Garcia (956) 492.6834

Adoption | The Hands and Feet of Jesus | Pastor Marco

I remember when I knew that I was going to be a father. I was 27 years old and positive who my wife was to be--Rebecca. However, I wrestled with becoming a husband and a father in the same breath. Rebecca had a 7-year old son, Seth, and I knew absolutely nothing about being a father. One night, a friend asked me a profound question: are you defined as a child of God or as a father? 

Through the power of a Holy Spirit slap, I realized that I am defined as a child of God. God sent His son to rescue and adopt me into His family. And now, he calls me son and immediately after saying that out loud, I knew that I was Seth's father even if he didn't know he was my son yet. 

The Bible teaches that God is a good father who pursues his children despite where they've been and what they've done. And if the church is called to mirror the love of Christ, what does this look like for the life of an orphan? 


Let's fast forward almost 4 years and some legal fees. The legal process to adopt my son has been challenging and sanctifying because there's so much to know in order to provide a fair and smooth trial. The constant reminder of God's pursuit has been the fuel for our journey and for my family and I, we know this path is to satisfy our legal system and we will submit to that, but as for Chango and I, there's nothing that can separate me from my son. 

Part of God's identity is that he is a Father who pursues His children (Psalm 68:4-6) and is present in their lives. God, in His love, sent His son to die for sinners; reconciling us to the Father. In other words, because of the person and work of Jesus, we now have a relationship with the Father! As His children, we're called to reflect the same love that He has shown us so that others might come to know Him. 

There's a myth among Christians that caring for orphans is reserved only for the "elite." However, I wish to submit to you that not only is that myth unbiblical, but the call to care for orphans is a command from the Scriptures (James 1:27).  You and I know what it looks like to be rejected, broken, uncared for, unvalued, homeless, hurt, and in struggle. Yet, God in his grace, mercy, and love threw Himself into the chaos of our lives to rescue us.

Earlier and in the same chapter, James writes to be doers of the Word not hearers only (James 1:22) and my observation is that the church equates pew attendance and Amen's to action. Church, we're deceiving ourselves if we consider hearing doing.

The question isn't whether or not you're called to participate in this restoration, but how you can get involved. 


In the great state of Texas there are over 30,000 kids in foster care. Over 40% of kids in Hidalgo county are in foster care and the need for families to come in and provide homes for these kids or temporary relief for foster parents (such as date nights) are increasing every year. 

The opportunity to become involved in orphan care is numerous as one can start by simply getting informed, becoming respite or babysitter certified, or taking the big step toward fostering and perhaps adopting a child. 

All of this is not meant to guilt you, but it is meant to challenge you. Our first evaluation must be that of the gospel and who God is and what He has done for us. We can only move forward if the gospel is the foundation of our walk--otherwise, we will move forward to satisfy a moral checklist. But the call of the believer is founded under the work of the Gospel in our lives, for we, church, are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a dying world. 


As we move into the new year, our goal at Storehouse Community Church is to provide practical avenues on how to engage in the restoration of the children in our city and beyond. Our goal is to provide resources and develop partnerships as means for you to get involved.

Yesterday we hosted Compassion Sunday, an annual opportunity where we talk about our partnership with Compassion International and invite members of our church to join us on mission by sponsoring and supporting kids from Guatemala. We have been developing on going relationships with the local churches in Antigua and Guatemala City in addition to several missionaries who serve in the people of Guatemala in a variety of ways. Over the last 3 years, we've sponsored over 100 kids in Guatemala and are looking to take our second trip to Antigua in the summer of 2018. 

Compassion International is a great first step to getting involved in orphan care. If you have any questions on Compassion International or simply looking to learn more information on orphan care, feel free to contact me 

Harvey | Development and Details
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In the middle of so much transition and moving locations, last week our friends in the Corpus Christi, Houston, and many cities in between were immensely affected by Hurricane Harvey. The news and social media were capturing the heavy destruction, flood, and devastation that these cities were experiencing. While we were excited to move into our new location at the McAllen Incubator, we were also looking forward to begin looking at efforts to serve alongside of other Acts 29 churches in the Houston area. 

The devastation from Harvey has left Houston and other surrounding areas in a place of restoration and recovery for months to come (some reports indicate years). Our goal over the coming weeks is to develop a plan to both send supplies to our extended church families and teams to help serve churches as they meet the needs of their community. 

Details will be provided for you as plans develop. Here are a few ways to get started if you're looking to help: 


We will be partnering with Clear Creek AND HCPN in Houston as they are spear-head several efforts to help the community such as rescuing those who are in crisis due to Harvey, providing relief through shelters and distributing supplies, and recovery through rebuilding the community and city. 

Visit their disaster relief website for more information: Harvey Disaster Relief


Samaritans Purse is providing several units of workers and volunteers to help rebuild communities in Houston. They will be in need of help for many months to come.


As we continue to develop more information and plans to send teams and supplies, we'll provide details through social media on when to bring supplies and what supplies are needed. The Incubator will be the designated drop-off location for supplies. 

With so many families being affected by Harvey, we have a grand opportunity, as God's people, to be "for the city."