Thank you for your interest and potential consideration in becoming a member of Storehouse Community Church! 

We believe that church membership is not only vital to our local body, but biblical. In short, here are four short reasons why we believe in the importance of church membership: 

1.) Theologically: God, in His goodness and kindness, has not only reconciled us to Himself, but also to one another. Therefore, a local body is a representation of what Paul says in 1 Corinthians 13 that we are "baptized into one body." 

2.) Covenantal: As God has not only reconciled us to Himself, but to others this grace filled truth doesn't only mean we are brought into a relationship with one another but that we are committed to take responsibility for one another. In a family, everyone has responsibilities in the midst of our relationship to one another; membership is a beautiful outworking of the responsibilities the family of God has toward one another. 

3.) Evangelistic: We believe that who we are (gospel identity) shapes how we live (missional). When we commit to a local church body, we are saying something about who Jesus is and what He has done to a world that doesn't know Him. Precisely, Christ chose the church to reveal Himself (Ephesians 3). 

4.) Practically: Church membership helps us hold one another accountable. Accountability is the by product of confessing sin to one another and discipling one another into the fullness of Christ. 

Membership Class Dates

DATES: TBD (Spring 2020)

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