Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve.jpeg

The year is coming to a fast close and as we look back at all that God has done, we are continually humbled and filled with joy at simply getting to be a part of the work of the Holy Spirit and a part of our church family!

Whether it’s from the pulpit or throughout the life of our church, we aim at preaching and embracing that who we are determines what we do. And that identity begins with the person and work of Jesus.

We invite you to join us for our Christmas Eve service where we celebrate not simply the birth of a child, but the coming of a savior.

In the Valley, Christmas Eve is a steeped in our traditional value and culture so we want you to invite your friends and family as we make much of Jesus and His priority: to save sinners and reconcile us to God the Father.

Hope to see you on Christmas Eve at the McAllen Incubator (601 N. Main Street).

Marco De LeonChristmas Eve