Storehouse Community Church is a new church to many, but for others our congregation has been sharing life together for about 10 years. During that, we have been under three different church names meeting in four different locations. The name Storehouse Community Church was adopted in June of 2017 and our history has been fruitful and challenging. 


Storehouse Community Church began as Logos Bible Church in September 2008 meeting at a Youth Pavilion at Baptist Temple-McAllen. And with passionate hearts for Jesus and a love for discipleship, the mission was simple: share the gospel of Jesus with those who don’t know Him. For many, the birth of this church plant went hand in hand with the start of their relationship with Christ. 


Growing Up and Planting Churches

By 2011, our small church was growing relationally and numerically, engaging the city that we loved, and disciples were being made. It was during this season that we had gone from Logos Bible Church who met at a Youth Pavilion to Logos Community Church and moved to the “big time,” Legacy Event Center in Edinburg.

It was a very exciting time and it was evident that we were growing up. What began as a church with the average age of 22 was now seeing marriages flourish and new families started attending. And it was during this time that we planted our first campus in Harlingen, TX. 

In 2013, we moved locations once again to McAllen at the corner off of 10th street and Harvey to what used to be a bookstore and we would call this location “home” for the next 4 years. It was at this location where we would baptize a few hundred people, install several pastors for our McAllen campus, Harlingen campus, and newly planted Edinburg campus (2016). 


We shared many bittersweet moments because we were planting campuses and seeing long time friends leave to be a part of core groups in other churches or seek other ministerial opportunities.


LCC Black Logo.jpg

As Logos Community Church moved forward, we grew as a family does. After all, the church is the people called together by God and not a building. And like many families, we saw incredible seasons of blessing and growth. We also experienced seasons of difficulty where we were challenged in our maturity and pushed to really grow into the fullness of Christ (Ephesians 4). 

Between 2014-2016, we grieved the disqualification of many pastors and in the course of those years we persisted as best as possible. Still, we began to see individuals and families leave; members were hurt emotionally; and a future of uncertainty was in front of us. 

On paper, we had a few options: Logos Community Church would close her doors, merge with another existing church, or persevere. 


Storehouse Commuity.jpg

By the end of 2016, the pastors from all three campuses decided that our missional focus would be better effective in our cities if we all became independent churches. After much consideration and prayer, it was a decision that brought much excitement as we championed one another for the sake of kingdom wins across McAllen, Edinburg, and Harlingen.

And in June of 2017, Logos Community Church-McAllen wrote her final chapter and birthed Storehouse Community Church. We moved once more to the heart of McAllen at the McAllen Creative Incubator, known to many as the old public library. 

Many changes from the past are evident: a new vision and mission; new values and some new leadership. We desire to continue to grow, change, and mature as we move forward. For our current leadership, we desire to continually be transformed into pastors and leaders who are humble, gentle, and serving. 


There are some things, however, that haven’t changed: we love and worship Jesus; we still share life together in smaller communities; we love planting and partnering with churches; and most importantly, we love McAllen.