Women's Trade Party!

Trade Party.png

Ladies! Be sure to join us this Saturday for our Trade Party and Potluck! 

We'll be taking over the first floor at the Incubator

Is this your first trade party? That's great! Here's what you need to know and bring: 
• Items you would resale to SWAP or TRADE
• This includes dishes, shoes, jewelry, dresses, pants/tops; 
• Handbags, accessories, and books; 
• This is also a potluck so bring your favorite dish or dessert to share!

Ann Della Croce will be leading our time on Saturday and you're more than welcome to contact her with any questions (956) 330.8270

You can also email Holly Smith holly@storehousemcallen.com for more information. 

We're looking forward to seeing your lovely faces on Saturday! 

All ladies are welcome, but unfortunately, child care is not provided for this event. 

Marco De Leon