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Why Should Easter Be Important for Christians?
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The news about the empty tomb and Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead will never be old news. God who became man, dwelling among us, dying for sinners, and then resurrecting will never be a snoozer.

For the Christian, we have an incredible hope grounded in the truth of a risen King who is alive, well, and seated at the right hand of the Father. Easter Sunday is a momentous celebration in the Christian life and here are four realities as to why this matters: 

1.) God Defeated Death for You
Jesus received the wrath of God in the sinners' place, being condemned to death on a cross. On Easter, the empty tomb signifies the reality that Jesus defeated death so that we may have life! Jesus' resurrection meant that He conquered sin, satan, and death.

The paradox is what seemed to be a triumph for evil was actually God's glorious plan of redemption for His people. 

2.) You Cannot Save Yourself
Contrary to many self-help books at the local Barnes and Noble, the truth of the resurrection is that you and I are in need of a savior because we cannot save ourselves. Salvation is unobtainable outside of the mercy and grace of Jesus; no matter how strong, intelligent, willful we may be, there is no salvation apart from the Risen King.

3.) A Beautiful Reminder
Jesus endured the cross for the sinner, the ungodly with joy for the glory that was on the other side. In other words, Jesus paid really good money for the sinner--his own blood. And upon calling us to Himself and reconciling us to the Father, we are called His "prized possession." 

4.) Redemption is Possible
Everyone wants that second chance; another opportunity. The key that makes redemption possible is repentance. When we strive to earn the grace and love of God through morality and works, we can and will become exhausted. This false gospel teaches that what we do will earn us the love of God when in reality God has already loved us through the sending of His son Jesus. 

Repentance (turning away from our sin) and trusting in Jesus is what makes redemption possible. 

Through Jesus, we have redemption and grace; that's undeserving favor. And it's a gift that He freely offers for all who believe. Through Jesus, we are made new and restored. And it is through Jesus' life and work that we can have assurance by trusting in Him and His word and not our circumstances. 

We invite you and your family to join us on Sunday, April 21st for Easter Sunday at the McAllen Incubator at 10:30 a.m. to celebrate the wonderful resurrection of Jesus Christ, our King. 

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