Family Gathering

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Family Gatherings are what we call “members meetings” at Storehouse McAllen. We desire that the majority of our lives are lived out in the context of community with one another throughout the week so when we put together this larger gathering, it feels more like a family reunion.

During family gatherings, we try to zero in our intentionality with one another over really good food, catching up, and building deeper relationships. Additionally, we set time aside for the prayer of our church and new members that are being added to our local body. It’s a time for laughter, friendships, and celebration as we look to everything that God in Christ has done for us and is doing through us by His grace in this great story of redemption. 

We take church membership seriously because we believe that membership is theological, covenantal, evangelistic, and practical. We are grateful to all who attend Storehouse McAllen, members in particular because a part from their commitment to this local body and the gift of the Holy Spirit we would not exist. 

Next Meeting

DATES: Sunday, September 22nd
TIME: 12:30 pm to 2 pm
LOCATION: The Old Church Winery - (700 N. Main)

Not a Member

Unfortunately, the Family Gathering is an event we host for members only. If you have been curious about membership at Storehouse McAllen, we host two members classes a year--click here for more details.